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"Sarah Rose, an understudy, who'd never been blocked into the show, replaced Mandy Striph as the other girlfriend Tanya, after only four hours of rehearsal. If they hadn't announced the replacement beforehand, you would never have known. She danced and sang as if she was made for the part. She has a great voice, dances really well and she must have nerves of steel to go on after so little rehearsal. Brava!"

- MiamiArtZine, Mamma Mia

"Contributing luridly appealing negative charisma was Sarah Rose Knoche, as Chris, the lead bully, who goes ballistic and enlists her 'bad boy' boyfriend in an evil scheme to get even when she is barred from the prom."

The Oklahoman, Carrie: The Musical

"They are capably backed by Sarah Rose as Julia’s tart-tongued cousin Holly..."

Florida Theatre Onstage, The Wedding Singer

"As then, the evening is capably directed by co-founder Damien J. Matherson and features choreography by Kelly Johnson (including crisp, evocative dancing by Sarah Rose)" - Florida Theatre Onstage, 35MM

"It’s up to the kind viewer to find diamonds in the rough, and they occasionally gleam: Kelly Johnson’s sonorous voice transcending the pedestrian ballroom choreography on “The Party Goes With You,” Ernesto Gonzalez’s lovely falsetto on “Hemming and Hawing,” dancer Sarah Rose’s emotional, balletic embodiment of a battered wife in 'Leave, Luanne.'" Boca Magazine, 35MM

"The ensemble of actor-singer-dancers includes Cat Pagano, Alexandra Van Hasselt, Alexandra Nicole Garcia, Vincent Pelligrino, Sebastian Goldberg, Chris Hendricks, Austin Carroll, Marty Craft, and the iridescent Sarah Rose Knoche."

Florida Theatre Onstage, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

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